Slate of Candidates for the Eighth Bishop of the Diocese of Northern California Announced


December 5, 2018

Dear siblings in Christ:

The Standing Committee is delighted to announce the slate of candidates who will appear on the ballot for the Eighth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California on February 9, 2019. 

The candidates are (alphabetical order): 

  • The Rev. Matthew D. Cowden, Rector of St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, South Bend, Indiana

  • The Rev. Christopher Brooke Craun, Rector of St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church, Portland, Oregon

  • The Rev. Canon Megan Traquair, Canon to the Ordinary, Diocese of Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona 

  • The Rev. Randall R. Warren, D.Min., Rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan

On Saturday, December 1, members of the Search Committee presented these candidates to the Standing Committee, engaging in thoughtful discussion, answering discerning questions, and sharing the process by which they were selected. In a closed session, the Standing Committee further discerned and voted on each candidate, unanimously approving each of the candidates listed above.

The Standing Committee is grateful for the many months and hours of intentional, thorough, and prayerful work by the Bishop Search Committee to seek and bring forward candidates who are uniquely called to serve as bishop of this diocese. The Search Committee relied heavily on the diocesan profile crafted with input from every corner of the diocese to guide them in all aspects of their process, from the questions they asked of candidates to their decisions along the way about who to move forward. It especially struck the Standing Committee how intentional the Search Committee remained in their efforts to remove personal bias as they worked on this process together. Their approach focused not on, “Who doesn’t make it to the next round,” but rather, “Who do we see moving forward in our diocese, with this profile?” 

The Standing Committee is especially grateful for the dedication and leadership of the chair of the Search Committee, Mary Davy, and for the presence of the Search Committee Chaplain, The Rev. Jeanne Forte.  

On the Slate of Candidates page, you will have the opportunity to learn more about each candidate through short biographies, resumes, and more. In mid to late December, after the close of the petition period on December 12, more materials for each candidate will be published including answers to essay questions and short videos. Any petition candidates who are approved to appear on the slate by Standing Committee will be also added and announced through diocesan communications channels. We expect to announce a final slate by mid January, after petition candidates (should there be any) have been vetted and approved by the Standing Committee.

The Standing Committee announces the official opening of the petition process today, which allows for others who believe they are so called to serve as bishop of this diocese to be nominated for the slate. Petition nominees will undergo the same process of vetting and interviewing as the original slate. The deadline for petition nominations is December 12, 2018.

The opportunity for members of the diocese to meet the final slate of candidates, after the petition process is complete, will be during upcoming “walkabouts” in different parts of the diocese January 21 -25, 2019. Stay tuned for further information from the Transition Committee about these events through this website and diocesan communications.

The Special Electing Convention to elect the Eighth Bishop of the Diocese will take place on Saturday, February 9 at Faith Episcopal Church, Cameron Park. The delegates who served at the 2018 Diocesan Convention are the same delegates who will be serving at the special electing convention. More details will be shared as they are available. The Service of Ordination and Consecration for the bishop-elect, provided the Standing Committee receives the required number of consents from all Episcopal dioceses after the electing convention, will be held at The Mondavi Center in Davis on Saturday, June 29, 2019 with the Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry, Presiding Bishop, presiding.

Throughout this process of seeking our next bishop, we have kept the Search Committee and all those who put their names forward in our daily prayers; and while we do not know the names of many who offered themselves to this process, we offer thanks for their vulnerability and desire to serve God, Christ, and our church. As we continue along this journey together, we ask for prayers for the Transition Committee and for our entire slate of candidates as we transition into a period of getting to know them and preparing for the electing convention. We humbly ask prayers for the continued discernment of our slate of candidates as they listen to God’s guiding spirit in their lives.

Finally, the Standing Committee shares this prayer that we have prayed over so many months, and that we ask you to continue to pray in your homes and congregations:

Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on your Church, and so guide the minds of those who shall choose a bishop for this Diocese, that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

With thanks,

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Northern California

The Rev. Canon Beatryce “Cookie” Clark, President
Mr. Jim Sargent, Vice President
The Rev. Seth Kellermann, Secretary
Mx. Charis Hill, Communications
Mr. Carlton Allen
Mrs. Nancy Mack
The Rev. Jim Richardson
The Rev. Amy Denney Zuniga

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