To the Eighth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California: 

Greetings and peace!

From the very beginning of this search process we have sought to be guided by prayer and the Holy Spirit. We pray for you and your ministry. We pray that you may be led to discern a call to serve as our next bishop; just as we pray that we may be led to affirm that same call in your election. 

We seek a “chief priest and pastor” who will “encourage and support all baptized people in their gifts and ministries, nourishing them from the riches of God’s grace, pray for them without ceasing, and celebrate with them the sacraments of our redemption.”

In our prayer and study, we were mindful of how often the Holy Spirit is likened to water, in both our scripture and liturgies. As we began the introspective work of preparing this profile, we recognized how profoundly the presence of water shapes our diocese. The crashing waves of the Pacific have carved our rocky shores; glacial lakes dotting the Sierra Nevada mountain range provide breathtaking natural beauty, while lakes and rivers offer numerous recreational activities as well as supplying our bountiful farms and vineyards. God has lavished many gifts of creation on our diocese, but it is the countless brooks, streams, creeks, and rivers that most powerfully recall to us the spirit-filled waters of baptism, which draw us together as disciples of Jesus Christ. 

It is within, around, and above these waters where we pray to find you as our next bishop. In as much as we seek a bishop to draw us to the water, we also seek a bishop to help us bridge the waters that separate us. We seek a bridge builder. 


A Bridge to One Another

We seek a bishop who can deepen the connections within the diocese. We seek a communicator: a chief evangelist whose compelling faith in Jesus Christ inspires collaboration between parishioners, congregations, deaneries, and the wider church. We seek a savvy user of technology who can help manage compelling communications between various groups and stakeholders. 



A Bridge Between Cultures

We seek a bishop who is comfortable straddling numerous dichotomies within the diocese. While bridging the rural/suburban diversity is important, we also seek a bishop who can help build bridges between the congregations of our diocese and those communities in northern California that are not currently well served by them. We are especially concerned about those racial, linguistic, ethnic, and immigrant communities who form a large percentage of the population in this region but are underrepresented in the membership of the Episcopal Church. We seek a collaborative presence: a bishop who can build consensus around a new vision for the diocese.


A Bridge Over Obstacles 

We seek a bishop who is skilled in the managerial tasks of the Episcopate; a seasoned administrator who is both creative and pragmatic in approaching the future of our diocese. We seek a bishop who can model evangelism, stewardship, and discipleship for both clergy and lay people. We seek a bishop who will act thoughtfully, critically, and strategically; who will regularly evaluate our goals and our success in achieving them; and who will assist struggling congregations in evaluating their health and developing strategies that enable them to support their mission and ministry.


A Bridge to Our Future

We seek a bishop who can help develop a compelling vision for the future of our diocese. We seek a bishop who will facilitate transformation by confronting our challenges honestly and directly; who is willing to propose, engage, and lead us in confronting difficult questions, having difficult conversations, and making difficult decisions; and who will lead us in taking responsibility and action for accomplishing our mission. 


A Bridge to our Ancient Faith

Ultimately, we seek a bishop who is anchored by the Good News of Jesus Christ. We seek a bishop who will be our chief evangelist; who communicates faith in Jesus Christ in a sincere and compelling way, leading us in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people in northern California; and who will form and guide disciples by the Scriptures and Sacraments. 

Sunset at Rainbow Bridge 2.jpg

On behalf of the people of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, please know that you remain in our prayers. We pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and sustain you in your ministry. 

In the pages that follow, we hope our profile will give you a fuller sense of who we are as a diocese, and the qualities we believe will serve our diocese well. 

We thank you for your prayerful discernment in becoming our next bishop.