Transition Committee Seeks Members; Profile Almost Ready


April was not the cruelest month, but arguably one of the most productive months yet for the Search Committee. Having read and reviewed all the information and comments that came to us from the listening events, as well as doing lots of additional research and information-gathering, we met in April to go over the first draft of the profile and work collaboratively on revisions. Many, many thanks go out to the listening events subcommittee as well as the profile subcommittee for their extraordinary work. 

Soon the Standing Committee will have a chance to review the revised profile. Only after Standing Committee approves the profile will it be available for the public to view on our Bishop Search website. We'll be sure to let the community of the diocese know as soon as that is live. 

As a reminder, the published timeline states that the Diocesan Profile will be published in spring 2018, at which point the nominations process officially begins. It is a great pleasure to confirm that we are on track with our timeline.

Last but not least, as announced earlier this month, the Standing Committee is searching for people interested in appointment to the Transition Committee. Applications are due by May 4. Learn more and apply here